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03-25-2020 Scientists can be wrong Philosophy
03-25-2020 The soul knows quantum mechanics Philosophy
03-24-2020 Bing = consciousness Consciousness
03-23-2020 Kinds of Christians Christianity
03-23-2020 Responsibility Philosophy
03-23-2020 Purpose in evolution? Science, Philosophy
03-22-2020 Pandemic Current events
03-21-2020 My dogs are not conscious? Consciousness
03-21-2020 Miracles Christianity
03-20-2020 Deferred blessing Christianity
03-20-2020 Good is better than bad Philosophy
03-20-2020 The assumption of materialism Philosophy, science
03-19-2020 Reincarnation Philosophy
03-19-2020 Energetic psychology Philosophy
03-19-2020 Prayer doesn't work Christianity
03-18-2020 Creative frames Philosophy
03-18-2020 The problem of evil Philosophy, Christianity
03-16-2020 Views of consciousness Consciousness, philosophy
03-15-2020 God unfolds Christianity
03-14-2020 The spiritual realm Philosophy
03-14-2020 Conscious while asleep? Consciousness
03-14-2020 The Himalayan butterfly Christianity, science
03-13-2020 How does God cause evolution? Philosophy, science
03-13-2020 Not utopia Philosophy
03-13-2020 Miracles and coincidences Philosophy
03-13-2020 Social distancing Philosophy
03-12-2020 The purpose of life in God Philosophy, Christianity
03-12-2020 Not a proof Science
03-12-2020 The frequency of consciousness Consciousness
03-11-2020 Did God create viruses? Philosophy, Christianity
03-11-2020 Micromanagement Philosophy
03-10-2020 Does God know the future? Philosophy, Christianity
03-10-2020 Praying for wisdom Christianity
03-10-2020 God pokes through Philosophy
03-09-2020 Eternal life through others' thoughts Philosophy
03-08-2020 Christianity didn't cause science Science, Christianity
03-08-2020 Near death experience Philosophy, consciousness
03-07-2020 Global civilization collapse Sociology
03-07-2020 Knots in the leash Philosophy, Science
03-06-2020 Abortion Philosophy, Science
03-05-2020 UFOs Science
03-05-2020 Liars go to hell Christianity, politics
03-05-2020 Sarah fell! Philosophy
03-04-2020 Randomness Science
03-04-2020 Jesus crucified by demons Christianity
03-04-2020 Enlightenment Philosophy
03-03-2020 Do dogs go to heaven? Christianity
03-02-2020 Zoroastrianism & mystery religions Philosophy, Christianity
03-02-2020 Other people in dreams Science, consciousness
03-01-2020 Proof of the past Science
03-01-2020 The toad Philosophy, God's nature
03-01-2020 The contents of consciousness Consciousness
03-01-2020 Does God know my dog is cute? Philosophy, God's nature
02-29-2020 Trapped in the body Philosophy
02-29-2020 God in the forest God's nature
02-29-2020 Higher power God's nature
02-28-2020 Intelligent design God's nature, science
02-28-2020 Boredom vs desire Philosophy
02-28-2020 True Christianity Christianity
02-27-2020 Utopia Philosophy, Christianity, Science
02-27-2020 Creativity Philosophy, God's nature
02-27-2020 Deep dreaming Philosophy, consciousness, science
02-26-2020 Purpose and meaning Philosophy, Christianity
02-26-2020 Philosophy Philosophy
02-25-2020 Disfellowshipping Christianity
02-25-2020 Limits of Satan Christianity
02-24-2020 Cyrus the redeemer Christianity, political science