The frequency of consciousness

I'm wondering if a slug is conscious. (There are many slithering around right now, and I've grown fond of them.)

Is consciousness merely a "viewing" generated by, for example, the flow of electrons in the neural network of the brain or nervous system?

Maybe, each distinct kind of phenomena generates it's own corresponding kind of consciousness, such that, even a volcano erupting is consciousness.

And, that there is a conscious entity associated and attached to each type of phenomena. So for humans, we are conscious only of a very specific kind of brain activity. Other kinds of brain activity do not generate consciousness (yet the unconscious mind solves problems). And I am not consciously experiencing my internal organs (but perhaps another entity is?)

So, perhaps another entity is experiencing what, to me, is unconscious brain activity, but what is, to them, conscious brain activity.

So for the slug, whatever it is that triggers their movements, there is some sort of conscious awareness of that.

I'm calling the various kinds of phenomena that trigger consciousness, its "frequency". You could, I suppose, categorize and organize each consciousness-producing phenomena into frequencies. (I don't mean to say I'm promoting eastern ideas that "everything is vibration" and there are different spiritual realms such as astral, casual, and etc.)

Particular souls are defined by the kinds of phenomena they attach themselves consciously to, by their "frequency".

Maybe in the spiritual realm our soul communicates to other souls in the spiritual realm, but we are not aware of it.