Praying for wisdom

When I pray for God's wisdom, I believe or do whatever pops into my mind next, without rational mental calculations. I, of course, don't use reason to discern whether it is from God, otherwise I don't need God in the mix at all.

So when I pray for God's wisdom, this implies that the very next thought that enters my mind is planted there from God.

So prayer is a kind of covenant between me, the pray-er, and God, in which he agrees to listen to my every word, my every thought, and to inject images and thoughts of his will into my mind each time I pray, immediately after I pray.

This scheme is bulletproof; what could possibly go wrong?

Of course, certain things I know are not from God, so I reject these and wait for the next thought and impression after that, which I know is from God.

Sometimes I don't need to pray at all to discern God's wisdom; rather, I merely listen to my thoughts as they ramble by, and wait for one that is from God. I suppose this too, is prayer; listening for God to speak.