How does God cause evolution?

Since God, as the intelligent designer, reaches into the physical universe to tweak it here and there into improbable designs; how exactly does he do this?

Likewise, what is the mechanism that allows our soul to interact with our physical body and to cause behavior?

There is only one possibility I can imagine: by choosing the location an electron will appear after quantum mechanics wave function collapse. Whether the electron appears on this or that side of the atom, resulting in different subsequent interactions based on the electrostatic forces.

But how could God know the subsequent future events this fiddling will produce? Surely God is not a micromanager using mathematics to calculate future conditions? (I doubt such calculations are even possible at all, even by God.)

God must be using some knowledge of the warpage of space-time or something like this to sense intuitively that intervening in such and such a way will trigger an interesting outcome. God just "knows" how the universe works at a deep mathematical level and can intuit when to intervene.

God is deeply integrated with the universe and can "sense" what effects his interventions will produce.