Micromanagement by God

God must be a micromanager in the extreme. But usually people think of God as operating at macro levels; for example, he decides to destroy a certain nation by choreographing natural events, or by a miracle. No Christian thinks God interacts and controls every elementary particle in the universe.

And ditto for the soul; of the extreme micromanagement required by the soul to control the body. We should expect the soul to operate at the high-level of ideas and concepts, but it must control the body by dictating the outcome of every wave function collapse, of trillions upon trillions upon trillions of electrons.

Souls and God are tightly integrated with this universe down to the sub-atomic quantum level. This implies they micromanage the universe.

Since the soul controls the body, doing so requires extreme micromanagement by the soul.

For the intelligent designer to guide evolution (and the unfolding of the universe); this requires extreme micromanagement.

It might seem odd that God and souls would micromanage like this, but perhaps it's analogous to the brain, having the complexity necessary to micromanage the body. We might wonder why biological life is so incredibly complex, so micromanaged.

Those who might object that this kind of micromanagement is needed might not be aware of the functioning of the body at the sub-cellular atomic level, and might not be aware of the functioning of quantum mechanics in all of physical matter.