Higher power

Reflecting on Mary Karr's memoir named "Lit" (which I studied to improve and relax my writing style), I was thinking about the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) emphasis on your higher power.

It seems odd to me to invoke your higher power to cure you of your problem. Wasn't this same higher power guiding you though the various life circumstances that resulted in your life-destroying addiction in the first place? And didn't your higher power create you with the disposition to become addicted in the first place? Why would anyone look to such a higher power as this to cure them of the very thing the higher power caused (or allowed) in the first place?

I think of Christians who are amazed by a miracle of someone surviving a car crash (for example) when everyone else was killed. This doesn't seem like much of a miracle; to kill innocent people just to miraculously save one. A true miracle would be to never let anything bad happen to anyone at all. But bad things happen all the time.