Miracles and coincidences

As I was sitting in my car, stopped at traffic light waiting for the signal to change, I had a strange experience:

I was mindlessly looking out the front windshield window, trying to see the sky underneath the sun visor (which was down to block the sun). The line of sight was from: my eye, to the lower edge of the sun visor, to the backplate of the traffic signal, to the sky.

But the angles were such that, no matter how I moved my head up or down, the sun visor and backplate of the traffic signal blocked the sky.

When I finally moved the sun visor up just a tiny bit, only then could I see a small sliver of the sky.

My thought about this was that: this miraculous coincidence of the sun visor and backplate of the traffic signal being lined up exactly; that, this was designed or orchestrated by an intelligent designer; that it couldn't have happened by chance. (But, of course, it did happen by chance.)

What was weird was: how strong the impression was of intervention by an intelligent supernatural being. Probably this kind of feeling is the origin of religions (those other than Christianity, that are not directly revealed by God).