Bing = consciousness

Pondering the ideas of Stuart Hammeroff and Roger Penrose, that a superposition in space-time "snaps" when a certain condition occurs causing wave function collapse, and this is the "bing", the causation of a little fragment of consciousness, of qualia. A materialist/physicalist view in which consciousness is a property of the universe.

But how could this form into large scale structures of conscious experience, the content of our rich conscious life? Personhood, emotion, and etc. Why would the "bing" occurring in specific structures of the neural network or within microtubules; why would these result in specific and varied manifestations? If each "bing" is the same, how can groups of them be different and distinct? How can a collection of apples be any different than any other collection of apples except that one collection might have more apples than the other?

The structures of consciousness exist within the spiritual realm as fully-formed psychic structures. The brain taps into these and associates its "bing" qualia, mapping these onto the already existing structured conscious experience; energizing it, if you will.

Not all "bing" wave function collapse events result in large scale conscious experience; most don't. Only those associated with a conscious biological organism and occurring within certain regions of the brain connected to the associated soul of the spiritual realm.