Did God create viruses?

There is a virus going around the world as I write this, perhaps a pandemic.

Why there is such a thing as a virus: this requires an explanation.

Clearly viruses are evil because they cause pain, suffering, and death. All evil originates from the fallen angel Satan. Therefore, Satan created viruses.

And therefore, Satan created this current virus; meaning, Satan is currently actively involved in this world trying to kill and destroy everything good, everything of God.

This current virus arose as a mutation of an existing virus (also created by Satan). All the mechanisms that this class of viruses utilize to function and survive and prosper were already in place (from previous creations of Satan). All that were needed were small variations in the RNA code, which Satan happily supplied, knowing the destruction it would wreak.

Viruses are amazing constructions. They do not have any of the biochemical mechanisms to themselves replicate. Rather, they inject RNA into their host cells, and these host cells, unaware of what they are doing; these host cells use the injected RNA to produce copies of the virus.

Viruses are parasites. They can't kill the host before creating and spreading these multitude of additional copies of themselves, otherwise they would themselves not survive. So they have to cause symptoms such as sneezing and coughing to facilitate their spread. After that, the unintended symptoms can kill the host.

Satan cares about both the virus spreading, and the killing of as many people as possible. It's a fine balance between these two competing goals.