Boredom vs desire

The Buddhist idea that desire is the source of suffering, and to extinguish suffering you must extinguish desire. This is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. In other words, if you stop being human, you will be a perfect human. Or, God created humans to not be human.

I was thinking about my dogs, since I want to be a good dog owner, so I notice whether they have enough quality activities and whether they spend too much time wandering around wondering what to do or being bored.

I think these are two separate distinct conditions; (1) being bored, and (2) wanting to be doing something, anticipating something in the near future but not yet having it; in other words, suffering because of desire.

My dogs spend a certain amount of time just plain bored. When I'm bored it's not very fun; it's a horrible feeling which I am familiar with even from my childhood.

My dogs spend a certain amount of time wishing they were doing something fun, and this usually involves me, as their activity director, guiding them in an activity. (Often merely being in their presence is enough to motivate them to do something.)

Which of these two horrible feelings is worse, boredom or unfulfilled desire? Because there are times when I can choose which of the two my dogs will experience, being as I have a godlike role in their lives.

Elsewhere I consider purpose and meaning.