Cyrus the redeemer

The pagan King Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to their homeland and to rebuild their temple. Some (many?) evangelical fundamentalist Christians claim that the current president is being used by God as a modern-day Cyrus to restore our Christian nation.


But how can an utterly corrupt individual who demands total loyalty of all other leaders, and who also demands even they be corrupt; how can these return a nation to religious morality, to righteousness? And, by supporting and embracing a corrupt power, won't all these themselves also in the process corrupt all of society and its institutions (just as they have corrupted themselves?)

Seems to me that tearing down the institutions and traditions of freedom, law, charity, democracy, and public trust; that this will have a really bad effect, perhaps destroying our democracy.

Also troubling is: that the not-so-subtle hints and encouragement for fanatical supporters to commit acts of thuggery; that this may in future decades become an army of real thugs, used by an aspiring autocrat to invoke fear and terror to usurp political power and take over the government as a dictator.

Also troubling is: that the normalization of racism and ethnic hatred; that this may in future decades lead to concentration camps and genocide.

These horrific things have happened before in history, as religious people stood by helplessly looking on, unable to stop it, trembling in fear and dread.

The so-called reality that in these days we are witnessing an ordained-of-God, holy, righteous, modern-day Cyrus the redeemer; these claims are based on pure lies and unbounded ignorance.