Limits of Satan

Good is good. Suffering is not good. Therefore, God did not create suffering; he is not responsible for it. Rather, Satan is.

God created Lucifer who became Satan upon rejecting God. Thus, the origin of suffering is: Lucifer's ability to choose to reject God. Therefore, in creating the supernatural free-will creature Lucifer, God created the "space" for evil and suffering to exist, he allowed for it. But God is not the source of evil; Satan is.

We should consider which things are evil, and which are not. Everything evil was created by Satan, distorted from the goodness it originally had when created by God.

In choosing to rebel against God by accepting Satan's prompting to eat from the forbidden tree, Adam and Eve fell from God's grace. Since then, this fallen condition subsequently has been passed along to all humans. So the first evidence of Satan's work is: all the lost souls of all humans needing saving, needing redemption.

But there is more evil than just this. Even the animals eat each other, and biological organisms cause disease, and all creatures eventually die. Satan caused all this. This implies quite a bit and gives a clue to the scope of Satan's activities.

Does it mean that, immediately after the fall; that the teeth of saber toothed tigers suddenly miraculously became long and pointy so they could capture their prey and eat them alive using their teeth? And was the innate desire to hunt and chase and kill game also suddenly miraculously injected into their brains? If so, Satan did all this.

And what about natural disasters that cause suffering and death? Examples: tornadoes, branches falling from trees and crushing living creatures, wildfires, freezing winter weather. Again, Satan caused all this. At the fall, Satan modified the natural laws, completely re-forming the universe to be a place allowing for pain and suffering.

So, what are the limits of Satan? Did he merely radically modify the universe that God had created to be good, or did Satan actually re-create the universe at the fall, making it evil?

If these questions scramble your brains, it's a sign something is amiss. Maybe Satan even corrupted our ability to properly understand God's goodness.