Kinds of Christians

Upon learning my wife is a Christian, someone asked her, "what kind?", and my wife said, "the annoying kind", meaning, an evangelical, a fundamentalist.

I thought to myself that, actually, all the kinds are annoying.

The non-evangelicals expect you to dress up for church and to listen to an hour of uninspired religious indoctrination every week. And they have other annoying practices and traditions and habits as well, including: who they vote for, and their views about those less advantaged than themselves.

And the liberal Christians (those who disbelieve such doctrines as the virgin birth of Christ) still want to get together weekly to practice a historically-based liturgy and reflect on teachings from scriptures they don't even believe. Weird. It's like someone starting a church based on Hemingway's novels. It all reminds me of young girls playing house with dolls and plastic kitchens and ovens.

I understand people's wish to fellowship with like-minded people, to have friends, and to help each other. Too bad there are no such groups based on things other than religion for people who aren't religious. But I suppose even groups like this would have all the drama that churches have, with leadership struggles, and gossip, and group splits, and etc.