Do miracles even exists at all? I don't know of any.

It's easy to create a miracle; here's how: If winning the lottery is a miracle, then start a lottery. Every time someone wins; it's a miracle. Many miracles are of this type; probabilistically rare for a particular person.

In religions, the power of prayer sometimes triggers miracles. You pray for something, and it happens. It's a miracle. But what about when the prayers aren't answered? Are these anti-miracles?

People get miraculously healed. But why are there no credible reports of people regrowing limbs, or of severed spinal cords reattaching? All the miracles are explainable as psychosomatic, or things magicians could do, or things that are possible but rare, or hallucinations, or just things that would have happened anyway.

And so, I reject miracles. No need to find supernatural causes for them.