God in the forest

The other day I was walking in the forest with my dog who was feverishly digging and poking her nose in a hole. After a while I wandered over (just in time) and saw a vole unearthed from its hole, laying on its back with feet in the air, terrified, expecting imminent death.

I shooed away my dog and after a second or so, the vole flipped to its belly and scurried into the underbrush, relieved it was alive, and hoping the day's ordeal was over.

Perhaps it's like this with God, the reason there is suffering in the world he created. God isn't paying attention all the time to every detail, just letting it unfold, but occasionally happens to notice when something needs his intervention.

But of course, all too often, the noticing occurs too late; the tragedy occurs with no one to prevent it.

And why are there dogs and autocrats and psychopaths wandering around getting into mischief, doing things that destroy the lives of other creatures, causing untold conscious suffering?