The soul knows quantum mechanics

Trying to find a way that the soul interacts with matter, an explanation that is consistent with scientific knowledge.

In my view, the soul communicates to the body by determining where the electron (for example) is located after wave function collapse. But this is micromanagement in the extreme; how could a soul determine the effects of an electron appearing on one side of an atom rather than on the other?

Perhaps if the soul develops along with the body and is tightly integrated with the body at the atomic level. The brain does this kind of incredibly complex micromanagement at the cellular level, so if the soul develops along with the brain (even guiding the development?) this is not hard to conceptualize.

But maybe God doesn't have this difficulty of predicting the effect of his meddling via the location of particles after wave function collapse. Perhaps God triggers wave function collapse merely by looking at it — no need for him to perform any complex mathematical calculations at all. God's looking encapsulates the mathematics because the universe is, in essence, mathematical (because God created it that way).