Culture Bombs

by Ken Wallace

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Culture Bombs

In the middle ages, the bishops of Christendom executed dissenters and heretics. In modern times, progressive liberal philosophers shaped the public education system and encouraged atheism and sexual promiscuity.

Culture Bombs. Everyone does it.

Conservative Christians want to forbid prayer in schools — except for Christian prayer — and they want to forbid the teaching of evolution. Progressive liberals want to ban the public expression of religion — except for non-Christian religion. Their claim of tolerance is, really, intolerant.

Culture Bombs. Everybody wants everybody else to believe exactly what they believe and they want the laws changed to make it so.

Have we not learned our history lessons? When those in power impose their views on society at large, the result is disaster for the masses. Have we not learned from Diocletian, Stalin, the Vikings, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Al-Walid, Mao Zedong, or Robespierre? Culture bombs can be fatal.

Even America does this: wiping-out millions of native Americans in pursuing the dream of manifest destiny; imposing our will on other nations countless times even choosing their leaders; dropping nuclear bombs on cities of innocent civilians.

Hey, if you want to create a utopian society, base it on my views. There are just two main features: (1) Produce only wholesome entertainment including no bad attitudes, no violence, no swearing, no hints at promiscuity or worse — this holds for TV, movies, music, novels, everything; (2) Take care of the impoverished and homeless by providing state-run work camps with medical care, food, shelter, psychological care, and forced work based on ability — this in a wholesome and safe environment in which people do not menace or harm one another. Of course, you will have to use the National Guard to force people to accept life in my utopia — they obviously won't care for this kind of society.

Others have figured out how to change the culture without using soldiers. The influential educator John Dewey believed that "education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform". The National Guard has not been needed to implement his ideas in the public school system.

In this culture war of modernity, we continually hurl culture bombs at each other. Don't we truly desire freedom of expression for each member of society? It appears not; our inescapable human nature interferes with utopian ideals.

Conservative Christians will ever oppose laws permitting abortion. Radical Islamists will squelch other religions. Atheists will fire teachers who teach creationism. Progressive liberals will shackle free market capitalism with regulations and import tariffs. And on and on for the infinite sociological categories of people.

Today many are working towards a pluralistic and tolerant society (or so they say). But soft-hearted weakness costs dearly. For example, if America had not extended its borders from sea to shining sea it would today be too weak to defend itself from other nations, such as China and Russia, who were not so shy about building their size and strength — perhaps we would already be wiped off the map. Many civilizations ended by weakness: the Celts, Aztecs, Romans, Anasazi, Greenland Norse, Angkor, Songhai.

But is it right for everybody to throw ever bigger culture bombs to match those of our potential enemies in protection from them? Israel does this of necessity in maintaining a perpetual state of war and war preparedness. That is no way for us "moderns" to live.

Culture Bombs. Why don't we let people believe and do as they wish, only restraining those activities causing harm to others and harm to the environment? And why don't we allow others to express their religious views in public, for example, Christian nativity scenes and crosses in public and on public land. Why not? Who does it hurt?

When will we stop throwing culture bombs in our society and just leave each other alone? Why do Christians care if gay couples are legal or if women painlessly abort their fetuses? Why do progressive liberals care if American citizens are allowed to own guns as the constitution permits? And why do anti-religionists care if Christians consider homosexual activities to be sinful, or if they consider abortion to be murder, or if Christian children are taught the virtues of sexual abstinence and living their life in obedience to the commands and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible? What are we all afraid of?

Culture bombs. If I don't throw my culture bomb first, I just know that you will throw yours.

Ken Wallace


Revised: January 7, 2012