Astrology, the power behind it

by Ken Wallace

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For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and show unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us. (1 John 1:2)

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I am amazed at how many people believe in Astrology without having considered its truth-claims. I never once in all my years studying and practicing Astrology, heard anyone ever mention the topics of how it worked or whether it was true.

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Astrology, the power behind it

At the instant of your birth, the geometrical angles of the stars and planets in relation to you are permanently etched into the memory of the cosmic databank. At every instant of every day, human events are guided and influenced be these angles. Such are the foundations of astrology and horoscopes.

Questions such as: (1) should I do such and such today? (2) what career should I choose? (3) is this relationship right for me? These human topics and many more are controlled by the power behind astrology.

What is this power behind astrology? Is it physical? Or something else?

Perhaps the gravitational pull of the distant stars and planets affects human life, and perhaps each planet has its own "gravitational personality," one planet affecting one aspect of human life and another planet affecting another. But why, then, don't we include the effects of nearby large buildings and mountains in our horoscopes? Surely their gravitational effects are stronger than the distant planets.

Perhaps the light and cosmic rays reflected from the sun by the planets controls human destiny and the course of the great civilizations of the world? If light has such power, our astrological charts should include the presence of nearby campfires or lightbulbs. Are infants born indoors immune to these distant lights since these lights are blocked from reaching them?

Perhaps we will one day discover a new force of nature which is the power behind astrology. This hope was understandable 500 years ago, but this is no longer so in our modern scientific era.

Whatever the source of the power behind astrology, it is spiritual, not physical.

What relationship could there possibly be between the geometrical angles between planets and the life of humans? Astrologers dont explain it; they are mute, silent, ignorant about this topic. Then why should we believe them?

Yet they insist it's true, offering no scientific evidence whatsoever. Astrology is not science; it is religion.

I have devised a scientific experiment to prove or disprove the claims of astrology. Using whichever astrological methodology you claim works, construct a horoscope reading every day and write it down on a note card. On the back of the card write down the date and how accurate the reading was on a scale of one to ten. Collect these cards for many months.

Then, shuffle the cards and use them instead as your daily horoscope reading. Again, every day write down the accuracy score and the date. At the end of the experiment, tabulate and publish the results for all the world to see.

People look to astrology for guidance, for comfort, for assurance, for a sense of being connected to a higher spiritual power, something bigger than themselves. Assuming for a moment that astrology is true, what is the power behind it?

There is a force, an energy, a power in the spiritual realm which controls, guides, and influences our day to day lives. On a certain day we try with all our might to accomplish such and such, but the spiritual power of astrology impedes us. On certain key dates in the history of mankind, the powers of astrology have decreed that major events occur: nations rise or fall, wars begin or end, and great leaders who happen to be born when the stars and planets were aligned just so, these great leaders are destined by the guiding power behind astrology to affect the world for good or for bad.

Is this power behind astrology impersonal or personal? Can an impersonal power affect the fabric of human life? For example the force of gravity is impersonal. Can gravity affect our love and affection for others? Certainly not.

In order for a spiritual power to affect life, and consciousness, and emotions, and feelings, and preferences, and all the other aspects of our lives which truly makes us human; such spiritual powers must be personal as we are. Abstract geometrical angles, the basis of astrology, simply cannot affect humanity and life. The power behind astrology is itself living, conscious, aware, and it has its own purpose and plan for us.

For those of you who base your lives on the unproven (and perhaps unprovable) powers of astrology, you must accept these claims and teachings on faith.

I have devised another experiment: The goal of this experiment is to prove the truth-claims of Christianity regarding the transforming power of Jesus Christ to improve the spiritual well-being of your life. Do you feel connected with a loving and holy Divine power? does your life have meaning and purpose? do you avoid thinking about your inevitable death some day in the future because the thought frightens you?

Every day, write down on a note card your score from one to ten of your spiritual well being. Then, after several months, commit your soul, in faith, to the care and protection of Jesus Christ. Pray to him daily and write down on a note card your score from one to ten. Then tabulate the results and publish them for all the world to see.

Whatever the power behind astrology is, it does not compare with the power of Jesus Christ.

Ken Wallace


Revised: November 15, 2011