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When he drew near to the house he heard music. (Luke 15:25)

The Recordings ...

I wrote these songs and recorded them in my home studio. Please feel free to download them and listen to them on your iPod.

Multi-track ...

Title Listen
The Kingdom of God has Arrived
The Blood of the Lamb
I Believe
Tidal Wave
Where Would I Be Without My Bible
Youth of Today
Love of my Life
Sacred Heart
Somewhere Beyond the Veil
Teach Me to Walk
In His Love
Wicked Sinner Blues

Unplugged ...

Title Listen
The Door
A Call to Salvation
My Rock
It's You, Oh Jesus
There's Gotta Be Something
Where Would I Be Without My Bible
You Made the Flower
For a Glimpse of You
Giving Praise to the Lord
Glory and Mercy
If I Could Just Let Go

Ken Wallace


Revised: March 27, 2011