MP3 files for listening or free download. I talk about religious / spiritual / Christian / Catholic topics.

Short, topical conversations ...

These are various conversations, each one narrowly focused on a particular topic. I have embedded links to these throughout my web site My idea was that for my articles which get a lot of hits I would provide some audio about the topic of the article.

Title Info Listen
Introduction An introduction to the topic.
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
The Church What is the Church?
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
Church History The significance of Church History.
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
How Are We Saved? What are the ingredients necessary for eternal salvation?
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
Living A Holy Life What must we do to live a holy, God-honoring life?
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
Sacraments Catholic sacraments.
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
Doctrines Which are the true ones?
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
The Protestant Reformation Did it really reform the church?
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
Protestant Objections Why are they so annoyed?
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
Protestant Variations There are so many kinds of Protestants.
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
How to Know What's True There must be a way.
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
Liberal Christianity Why would anyone want to be one?
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparisons
Intro to my PodCast As I was planning on creating a PodCast.
The New Heavens and New Earth My unique view.
Adam and Eve / Garden of Eden My view.
Creative Frames My unique view.
Philosophy of the Soul My unique view.
Astrology It is not compatible with Christianity.
End Time Prophecy Leads to Rome The study of end-time prophecy led me to become Catholic.
Why I Became Catholic An overview of what led me (an evangelical fundamentalist Protestant) to convert to Catholicism.
Discussion Meetings Discussion Meetings in small group settings.
House Church House Church — my view.
House Church Movement House Church Movement — my view.
The Kingdom of Israel My original end time scenario.
Mary, The Mother of God Catholic view.
The New Testament Church What was it really like?
Old Earth Creationism Overview
The Problem with God I read an article I wrote.
Sola Scriptura My assessment.
The 24-Hour Day It is not literal.
Tolerance My assessment.
What is Truth? I read an article I wrote.

Sermons ...

Title Info Listen
The Promised Seed Matthew 1:1
The Fathers of Faith Matthew 1:2
The Courage of Tamar and Rahab Matthew 1:3,5
Israel's Descent Into Captivity Matthew 1:6-17
Jesus is the Messiah Matthew 2:1-6
Guided by God Matthew 1:18 — 2:23
Conquer Sin Matthew 3:1 — 4:10
Preach, Teach, Heal Matthew 4:12 — 5:12
Spirit of the Law Matthew 5:13 — 6:13
Focus on God Matthew 6:1-34
Discussion of Acts 1 By John and Sarah