Becoming Perfect

Purgatoryis that place, that process, by which our soul after death becomes suited for eternal life living in the new heavens and new earth.Contrary to the popular opinion of fundamentalist evangelical Protestants, purgatory is indeed taught in the Bible.

Here are examples of what occurs in purgatory...

  1. Currently we have memories of evil deeds committed by ourselves or others. God has no direct experience with this kind of thingand, once in the new heavens and new earth,neither will we. As we one by one dredge up all memories from our life here on earth we will one by one make peace with them and with ourselves, and the bad memories will be replaced by God's view of the event; a view free of sin, evil, and wickedness.
  2. As we review our life and all the harm we caused others, we will one by one receive forgiveness for it all. In this current life we retain the memory of these things; after purgatory these memories will disappear. After this, when we think of people we have harmed we will no longer remember harming them.
  3. Weaknesses of our character will be addressed as a sort of therapy, with God acting as our life coach.
  4. We will lose the memories of people who will not spend eternity with us in the new heavens and new earth.What good will it be for use to continually remember them and wish they were with us? We certainly will not see anyone in the lake of fire nor have any awareness of the existence of such a place.