Did God create some people to be eternally damned? What does it mean when God refers to Christians as the elect?

In reading the many passages about predestination and electionit's easy to see how Calvinismcould be derived. Calvinism assumes these passages refer to the election and predestination of each individual but something larger seems to be in mind by the New Testament writers.

In New Testament passages about election, the elect, predestination, preordination, and foreknowledge there is the clear idea of the plan of redemption being referred to — that when God created the universe as a place of pain and suffering for his created sentient creatures, he also predestined his plan of redemption.

In choosing to accept God's offer of salvation you become a member of the elect; you become elect. In this sense, God elects you because he provided the way for you to become elect.

The easiest way to clearly understand this is with the following question: Does God choose that some people will not be members of the elect? Of course the answer is no.