Lately, I've been reading about global warming, environmentalism, and green (sustainable) energy. My conclusion is that there are three primary areas we need to focus on:

  1. Sustainable energy, including the energy (in the form of food for humans and animals) from agricultural products. Fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal) are not sustainable (because they will run out someday).
  2. The quality of human life (freedom, health, not subjected to pollution).
  3. The spiritual and moral dimension of human life.

Key Issues . . .

Efforts spent considering the things in this list will solve the problems. We can judge the effectiveness of our policies, plans, and activities by comparing them with items in this list.


Immediate Actions . . .

Things we all should be doing now, immediately.

Short Term Solutions . . .

Our immediate policies should include these:

Medium Term Solutions . . .

Ten years:

Long Term Solutions . . .

The sustainable solutions:

Guiding Principles . . .

There are three...

  1. When harvesting or utilizing a non-replenishable resource such as iron ore or oil, first determine how much can be taken per year such that the resource will not be depleted for 1,000 years. Then, do not harvest any more than this. Over the centuries the amount used will decrease giving plenty of time to find substitutes.
  2. Certain resources such as trees for logging and energy from dams should only use maybe 1% of the total available locations. In other words, we should not use up every location but should leave most in its pristine condition for humans to enjoy and for the animals to use.
  3. Renewable resources such as fishing grounds and water aquifers should always remain constant. There should be strict quotas so that the resource is never depleted. This implies we should use less or none during bad years.

Red Herrings . . .

These topics attract a lot of attention but are wasting everyone's time and efforts:

Sustainable Practices . . .

In the end, this is what we will do (because there are no other options once the oil, gas, and coal run out):

Unsustainable Practices . . .

In the end, this is what we will not do (because these don't work):

Resources . . .

Our use of resources such as fresh water, trees, soil, metals, etc. are limited.


Misc. Topics . . .

Various musings:


My Predictions . . .

In comparing what we need to do with what we are doing it is easy to make these predictions:

Musings from History . . .

It is certainly possible that humans will not learn to become truly civilized. Even though us moderns like to think of ourselves as civilized we should note that this last century has witnessed the worst human abuses in all of history:

Perhaps human nature has not changed after all. Perhaps the pressures of population and the struggle for survival will demonstrate the true human condition — that we are plagued with sin and wickedness to the depths of our hearts. Life 1,000 years from now if history repeats itself:

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