I just finished reading Lester Brown's book Plan B 4.0. He describes the dangers facing our civilization and presents his solution: plan B. His analysis seems sound and he provides many references and facts.

He believes global warming is a fact and supports this with the evidence of melting glaciers. I agree: global warming is occurring and is caused by the activities of humans.

His description of the solution also seems sound (however, I am uncomfortable with his plan for population control which doesn't specifically exclude abortion or euthanasia). He strongly emphasizes we must ramp up our efforts to deal with this crisis much as we (the USA) did during World War II and he seems to believe we will do it (perhaps after a crisis that changes our thinking such as the attack of Pearl Harbor did).

I am not the optimist that Lester Brown is. He describes in great detail the bad things that will happen to people is we do not mobilize quickly enough; I am afraid these descriptions may be prophetic.

Utopia . . .

The picture Lester Brown paints of a yet-future sustainable society is a utopia in which everyone performs their proper role of recycling and using resources wisely. But there is a dark underside to all this.

In order to provide the motivation for people to behave as they ought, the government must intervene by passing laws to reinforce proper behavior. Thus, gasoline would cost $15 per gallon to reflect the true ecological cost, water would be taxed as needed in dry climates, and cutting trees would be taxed. This all assumes benevolent leaders who only have the best in mind for humanity.

However, I am not impressed with our leaders' ability to make wise decisions and to spend money wisely. Nor am I impressed with our leaders' moral leadership. I'm afraid this utopia would also persecute Christians, force women to have abortions, explore genetic engineering using human embryos, and encourage sexual promiscuity.

Survival . . .

Instead of a utopia I envision our modern world falling into anarchy and riots as food and water run out. I doubt if our modern governments can maintain control in such circumstances.

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