No Conspiracy

I studied the various conspiracy theories and rejected them. A few misc. observations.

Collapse of Towers

A few points...

  1. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel, but it is hot enough to soften it.
  2. The towers collapsed exactly like they would if the supports were weakened from the jet fuel fires.
  3. There was no thermite used. If any was found, it coud have been created in chemical reactions present in the conditions at hand.
  4. To set up a demolition would have taken hundreds of people months with huge amounts of explosives. There would have been witnesses to the sound and commotion of drilling into steel and concrete, as well as telltale wires and other evidence in the wreckage.
  5. The collapse took nearly twice as long as the time for free fall.
  6. There are satisfactory explanations for the so-called molten steel on the side of one building and in the basements for weeks later.
  7. High pressure blasts of hot air and fire would have from time to time travelled down the elevator shafts, stairwells, and pipes causing explosions at ground level.
  8. Why does the plane crashing into the second building seem to melt into the side with no damage to the building? Soon after there is a gaping hole exactly like we would expect and matching the computer models exactly. But in looking closely we see evidence of damage. The initial video has very low resolution so all that is visible are darker blobs which are the holes but still likely having the airplane body hiding the interior blackness, so there is low contrast. The video has such bad resolution that just before impact the wing seems to disappear since the color is similar. Once viewing later at high resolution we see the damage as it really was.

Pancake Theory

I basically accept the pancake theory of collapse with a few additional observations. The sequence of events...

  1. One or more of the floors hit by the plane and incinerated by jet fuel fires sagged and collapsed.
  2. One by one these hit the floors below like stacked pancakes as each collapsed in turn. The floors above the fires remained intact for a while and fell as a unit.
  3. These pancakes were likely not perfect since the forces were also transmitted to floors far below via the girders causing early collapse here and there.
  4. As they fell, the concrete and sheetrock and everything else was crushed to powder. As the floors fell they moved around horizontally as well grinding and pulverizing the materials even further like someone grinding on their back teeth. This would result in twisted and bent steel beams and even more powder.
  5. Meanwhile, after the floors having the plane collapsed, all the floors above, the upper floors, fell as one unit at free fall speed.
  6. The upper floors were travelling faster than the pancaking floors below and soon hit it. This probably occurred within one or two floors after the collapse began.
  7. Upon hitting the pancaking floors below, all the upper floors collapsed at once causing the huge explosive cloud of dust and debris.

Flight 93

The crash in Pennsylvania is a bit mysterious but a few points to note...

  1. Planes crashing at high speeds disintegrate into seeming nothingness.
  2. Hitting soft dirt would result in everything going underground.
  3. Perhaps part of the wing was catapulted into the air as the plane hit at an angle, ejecting the engine far away.