The Creation-Science War

Many young-earth creationist Christians claim that, at the fall of Adam, the following occurred...

  1. There was rapid, instantaneous evolution of all creatures (saber-tooth tigers grew fangs, mosquitoes began sucking blood)
  2. The natural laws of the physical universe changed significantly (before the fall: no need for animals to eat one another, no procreation, all living creatures lived forever, no pain or suffering, branches never fell on creatures, no tornadoes, no volcanoes, no disease)

I reject these ideas.

Christians hold strong views of Creationism(and Eschatology),ostracizing those with different views. From all this passion you would think these to be the essential core doctrinesof the Christian faith.

I switched to Catholicism, in part, offended by this war: the Bible being the source of truth, not of error and disunity. So I studied the Bible for myself and came to amillennialismand, as it turned out, this was the Catholic view. I informed my evangelical fundamentalist Protestant friends who recoiled in horror.


My various interests...

  1. Old universe, old earth.
  2. Lucifer's role in creating the universe.
  3. Pain and death existed with the appearance of animals capable of experiencing these.
  4. Noah's flood was local, not global.
  5. Evolution — directed by God.
  6. Adam & Eve were the first humans of redemption history but not the first humans.
  7. Conditions in the garden of Eden.
  8. The two trees in the garden.
  9. The serpent — what kind of creature was it?
  10. The days of Genesis not literally 24 hours long; Genesis doesn't actually say they were. It is wrong to claim that, when interpreted literally, Genesis teaches 24 hour days.

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