Skeptics of Christianity reject out of hand, giving it not a moments thought, the Old Testament narratives of Adam and Eve. True Christianity builds from the truth of these Genesis events. If you deny these you have liberal Christianity — who seriously considers disbelief as faith, as Christian faith?

Christianity claims, Christians believe these facts of Adam and Eve...

  1. Adam and Eve: actual people.
  2. Adam and Eve: the first two humans of redemption history.
  3. Adam appeared first, created by God from the "dust of the ground".
  4. Then Eve appeared, created by God from a part of Adam's body.
  5. They lived in a literal garden, the garden of Eden, inhabited by God.
  6. God put two special trees in the garden, to test Adam and Eve's obedience to God's word.
  7. A literal serpent having Satan's spirit in some way appeared to Eve (probably with Adam standing dumbly by) and tempted her to eat the forbidden fruit.
  8. Eve ate, then Adam ate.
  9. They became aware of their guilt and separation from God.
  10. God cast them out of the garden.

A few observations from science; questions requiring answers (usually ignored, except by me.) I answer these all...

  1. The human race today has great genetic diversity. The story of the creation of Adam and Eve should explain the many races of humans and the many various human characteristics (eye color, hair color, body build, mental capabilities, etc.)
  2. Evangelical fundamentalist Protestants teach that all suffering and death came into the world when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. This implies there was a rapid and pervasive evolution of animals since at that time they started eating one another for food, mosquitos began sucking blood, parasites began feeding on their hosts, tree limbs began falling on living creatures harming or killing them.
  3. Why were Adam and Eve not plagued by wild animals in the garden of Eden? and why was farming so fruitful there?
  4. Did the legs fall off the serpent as it morphed into a snake?