The Radical Revolutionary "Reformers"

The Protestant Reformers were more than mere reformers — they were radical revolutionaries; and not just in the religious sphere, but in the political as well. In their zeal to "reform" the corruption in the Catholic Church they made many errors as they invented new doctrines, developed innovative principles of theology, and abolished time-honored traditions.

Since most conservative Protestant denominations today still follow the same ideas as their founders, the result is that much of Protestantism is based on error. (I also write about Catholic Problems for those who are interested.)

These articles (see menu sidebar to the left) demonstrate that the novel Protestant doctrines ...

I firmly believe that many of the Protestant Reformers were sincere, faithful, holy, devout, orthodox, on-fire-for-the-Lord, radically-saved believers and disciples of Christ. And I am convinced that the conservative wing of modern-day Protestantism has many good qualities (but it is not the purpose of these articles to discuss that topic).