Religious Wars

I wish Catholics and Protestants would stop throwing rocks in each others' yards while this lost and dying world looks on in contempt. Both sides have been killing each other since the 1500's — first with swords and fire, now with scowls and words.

How can us Christians seriously expect those who desperately need Christ's love to join us when we sap our credibility with unquenchable war? When will this tempest end?

Perhaps my articles will help just a little bit to heal the wounds.

Stages of Healing

All us Christians who profess faith in Christ are brothers and sisters in the Lord. We must act out this fact; we must do; we must heal.

Step 1: Learn about each others' perspectives with an uncondemning spirit.

Step 2: Vow to be at peace with all who profess faith in Christ the risen Lord.

Step 3: Find ways to promote unity: speak the message of unity; share in prayer and worship; encourage others to end the war.

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