Brain and Soul

I am always surprised that learning even takes place at all. How can the brain as a physical, material object remember the responses to billions and trillions of stimuli?

The scenario: As I am walking to work I see a familiar traffic signal up ahead. Since I have walked here so many times before I know how long it takes for the lights to change so that I can cross the street. Depending on how energetic I feel I might slow down, or walk faster, or even run as I try to match my speed with the traffic light.

I suppose if there were a brain researcher scanning my brain he would notice that certain areas of my brain are activated. I predict that no matter how sophisticated the equipment that is developed in the future it will nevertheless never be possible to see the content of what I am experiencing. When my brain lights up is it because I saw the traffic light or because I saw a suspicious-looking character standing at the corner waiting to cross?

My theory is that the content of the brain images is not stored in the brain at all but in the soul, which is an immaterial, spiritual thing. The brain merely has links to these images, and brain activity can cause these images to be accessed. As we experience memories and regrets and joys during our conscious daily experience we are connecting to these images in our souls based on our blood-sugar level or the various stimuli of our daily lives.

I suppose animals have a similar capability. More advanced animals have more images contained in the soul and more detail in these images. Some animals have a very small library of soul images. Some creatures (bacteria) have no images at all. Their movements are merely responses to their environment dictated solely by the network of nerves.

I had a friend who fell from a tower and was in a vegetative state after that. Sometimes it would seem like he had an awareness of people in the room. My theory about this is that his soul was still very active so he was experiencing the various images stored in his soul but the links from the brain were broken. Thus, his experience was not connected to stimuli from his brain but was controlled by the soul itself.