Why laws?

We have laws for various reasons, including...

For various topics I address the question, "should it be legal?"

Gay Marriage

Conservatives and Christians are generally opposed to gay marriage. I think this is because they confuse the civil institution of marriage with the religious institution of marriage.

From the civil perspective it is understandable gays would want to get married. Civil marriage provides hundreds of benefits including such things as the privilege of having your lifelong partner, someone you love and who loves you, be present with you in the hospital. Unless you are married you can't speak on behalf of another person even if that's what they want. I'm 100% in favor of civil gay marriage.

Should gays be allowed to raise children? Anti-gays seem to assume they would indoctrinate their children into being anti-religious or that these children would be pressured into themselves becoming gay, but I don't think there is any evidence of this. Gays don't want everyone to be gay, they just want the right to be accepted in society.

Unfortunately, the gay movement has more on their mind than merely granting themselves equality. For example, the gay movement would require a Christian church to hire a gay pastor or face discrimination charges even though that church might be against homosexual relationships. I'm sure we will start seeing lawsuits of this type. The effect will be to force the church underground to become an underground home church movement.This seems like a sad outcome caused by people who claim to merely want their own rights honored.

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There are two main questions:

Those who think the unborn have all the rights of the born typically think abortion should be illegal. Those who think a person is not truly human until born typically think abortion should be legal. Those of the second category typically don't insist that abortions should be forced on everyone (except in the case of deformation, disease, or other conditions which would drastically reduce the quality of life).

It seems to me the pro-abortion camp is not promoting abortion responsibly. They should do the following:

The question at hand is not whether abortion is murder, but whether it should be legal.

I think abortion should be legal for the following reasons:

If abortions are performed, they should be performed before the possibility of the baby feeling pain, otherwise it becomes a form of torture. But then animal research and the slaughter of animals for food are also forms of torture and should be abandoned as well.


Most prostitutes feel they have no other way to earn a living, or to pay for their drug habit. As a society we should provide jobs for everyone.

Prostitutes are often trapped in a violent situation they can't escape from. Someone else controls their life. We should end this practice by making prostitution legal with the following provisions:

It seems to me that prostitution is exploitative for the prostitutes and degrading for the clients. How many prostitutes choose this career because they love the work or because it pays well? Probably most would quit if they could. And why don't the clients find a better way to work off their urges?

Most Christians will be horrified at my suggestion. They seem to think we should force the world to have the same values they do by making various things illegal. I should mention that I am one of these orthodox, on-fire-for-the-Lord, Jesus-loving, Spirit-filled, Bible-thumping Christians. However, I noticed that Christendom failedat producing a moral culture and I don't think the Bible teaches we must change the culture by force — rather, it teaches that Christians should use discussion to persuade people. Neither Jesus nor the apostles ever once suggested changing the institution of slavery or the exploitation of women by the male-dominated society. Nor did they try to enforce Christian morals on non-Christians. Instead, they created their own sub-society.


The USA once tried to "solve" the alcohol problem by making it illegal. The result was disaster. This does not mean alcohol is harmless — alcohol abuse destroys untold lives every year. But making it illegal didn't solve the problem in the least; it merely created new problems, worse problems.

I think the best action is to make it illegal to harm other innocent people as was done for drivers by DUI laws.


It should be legal for the same reasons alcohol should be legal. This doesn't mean that abuse won't destroy untold lives every year; it will.