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In these series of articles I encapsulate every distinctive, original, or unique idea of mine.

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Index of Topics All topics, or I should say, many topics. Not all topics belong in this list.
My Visions & Views My unique ideas, views, and musings.
Devotional Living a life of faith in Jesus. Includes moral theology, devotional practices, and my original devotional songs.
Social Science Psychology, sociology, organizational studies, economics, history, religion, ethics, and political science.
Theology & Bible Many topics.
Catholic vs. Protestant Comparing the two.
Protestant Everything Christian and Protestant. This category includes almost my entire web site.
Science & Creationism Includes my musings about various topics.
Church History History of the church and of Christian doctrine. Includes the Church Fathers and Church Councils.
Catholic Everything Catholic — history, doctrine, teachings, devotions, moral theology, councils, the Catechism, the Church.

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About Me My web site is not one where you can't find out what the author believes.
All Articles All of them.
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One Apostolic Church My model for a new kind of church:
  • not Protestant (because it isn't based on Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide)
  • not Catholic (because it rejects apostolic succession, the priesthood, and the hierarchy of bishops)
Christian authority is apostolic truth from the Bible, Early Church Fathers, and early Church Councils.
Bible All things Bible.
Bible Commentaries Over the years I've commented on various books of the Bible, some of them several times.
Bible Verses Every article and snippet having Bible quotes.
Catechism My comments on quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Catholic Defense Sadly, anti-Catholic Protestants have grossly misrepresented the teachings and practice of the Catholic Church. They should be ashamed of themselves.
Catholic Doctrines Many articles
Catholic Foundations The basis of Catholicism. What's it's like being Catholic.
Catholic Problems Sadly, there were (and still are) all too many.
Christian Controversies Non-Christians argue with Christians about this stuff. And Christians argue with Christians about it too.
Christian Life Living the victorious Christian life.
Christian Topics Many articles
Church What is the church that Jesus founded via the Holy Spirit? Is it merely the set of all the redeemed (including those of the Old Testament?) Is it the mystical body of Christ? Is it a catholic (universal) institution? Is it the Catholic Church?
Church Councils Many articles
Church History Many articles
Creationism Articles
Cultural Many articles
Doctrine Many articles
Early Church Fathers Every article and snippet having quotes from the Early Church Fathers.
Ecumenical Unity among Christian groups that sometimes hate each other.
Eschatology Many, many, many articles.
God For skeptics and atheists.
Historians Church history and the history of the development of doctrine.
House Church A few articles including my original House Church denominations model.
Moral Theology Many articles
Musings Many articles
My Ideas Many articles about my original ideas.
My Spoken Audio MP3 files for listening or free download. I talk about religious / spiritual / Christian / Catholic topics.
My Music MP3 files for listening or free download. My original songs and guitar instrumental pieces. I only write religious / spiritual / Christian songs.
My Videos Text of my several videos
My Testimony Becoming Christian; becoming Catholic
New Age Some observations from my years as a new-ager.
Offsite Links None except Text of my several videos
Papal Encyclicals A few of them.
Philosophy Many articles about my system of philosophy — that philosophy is the study of the soul.
Protestant Errors There are many, many.
Protestant Reformation Many articles
Protestant Reformers Articles about the Protestant Reformers.
Psychology As a social science major I had to take some psychology which, of course, made me an expert on the topic.
Relationship with Jesus Many articles
Religions Many articles
Science Many articles
Skeptics Articles for critics and skeptics of Christianity
Social Science As a social science major I have a lot to say about these topics — psychology, sociology, organizational studies, economics, history, religion, ethics, and political science.
Theologians Many
Theology Many articles
Various Topics A potpourri of articles

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Home page North Forest home page. Has links to articles and menus.
Visions My original and unique Visions & Ideas
Apostolic Reformation Topics
Church Reform
Church Refreshed
My proposal for a reform of the Church
Social & Cultural Topics My interests in the pseudo-scientific realm of social science has dwindled, but still a few remaining...
  1. feeding the poor
  2. sustainable steady-state economics
  3. population reduction and control
Moral Theology & Ethics Living the virtues and avoiding vice are foundations of Christian living.
Bible Books Bible Commentaries
Bible Interpretation How are we to interpret scripture?
Christian Apologetics Defense of Christianity
Christian Topics A potpourri of articles
Church History God works in time
Eschatology Interpretation What principles ought we to use in understanding Biblical end-time prophecy?
Eschatology Early Church Fathers Chiliasm I highlight the end-time views of the Early Church Fathers; their views are so often misrepresented.
Protestant Catholic Comparisons
Protestant Catholic Comparisons (another)
Religious Wars. Perhaps there can be some healing?
Biblical Archaeology Archaeology proves the Bible to be trustworthy in matters of historical truth.
Church Councils A few key select councils.
Catholic Controversies Problems, Errors, Abuses, Changes
Science & Creationism The Creation-Science War
Catholic Apologetics I describe what is right and good about Catholic teaching and I defend it against silly and mean arguments.
Objections to Catholicism The standard objections Protestant anti-Catholics have against the Catholic Church and my answers.
Catholic Foundations Being Catholic — Beliefs, Practices, Perspectives
Chronicle of North Forest My web site is all tangled-up in the development of my views.
Songs My Christian songs and instrumental music. MP3 files for free download.
Spoken Audio Some short, topical conversations and a few sermons
Video My videos about social / environmental / religious / spiritual topics. I have taken them offline but you can read the text.
Index of Topics Snippets & articles
Site Map of Topics From a snapshot in the past
Unfinished Articles There are plenty of them
References Various documents which I comment on

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