My Visions & Ideas Main portal to articles about this topic
The End of Civilization My musings.
The Future of America My Predictions.
My Conversion to Catholicism To explain why I became a Catholic. I wrote this testimony for my Protestant friends so they would understand my conversion.
Statement Of Faith What I believe regarding the Christian faith.
One Apostolic Church Main portal to articles about this topic. My model for a new kind of church:
  • not Protestant (because it isn't based on Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide)
  • not Catholic (because it rejects apostolic succession, the priesthood, and the hierarchy of bishops)
Christian authority is apostolic truth from the Bible, Early Church Fathers, and early Church Councils.
UFO's Are they for real? What are they?
My Videos Text of my several videos
Misc Topics I wanted to write a concise description of my view of various topics.
9-11 A few observations.