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Hell Is hell really eternal torture? Would a loving God send an innocent person there?

I have always been troubled with the view of hell that it is eternal torture by God of those who may not have been aware that he would punish them in this way. This article provides an alternate model based on the Bible.
Biblical Interpretation How are we to interpret scripture? Guidelines.
Literal vs. Figurative There are clearly many figurative passages in the Bible. But how are we to know which passages are to be interpreted literally and which figuratively?
The Bible The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God — but it is not the only word of God
Was Augustine Protestant? Protestants like to claim Augustine as one of their own — but he was Catholic through and through.
The Trinity A real-life example to help in understanding the Trinity.
Anti-Semitism Amillennialism does not result in anti-Semitism.
Is Protestant Teaching Unbiblical? I highlight the many New Testament passages which clearly refute Protestant teaching and which favor Catholic teaching.
Development of Doctrine An overview of the book An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, by John Henry Cardinal Newman, written in 1878. (
Justification I compare and contrast the Protestant and Catholic views of the topic of justification. All too often neither side understands the views of the other.
Salvation History The Bible, Old and New Testaments, is all about God, salvation, and salvation history. These charts contain the key events in salvation history.
Martin Luther's Teachings I highlight the problems and inconsistencies of Martin Luther's teachings using quotes from his own writings. I should note that I consider him to be a great man of God and I enjoy reading his writings (but I do find him to be a bit irascible).
Overview of My Ideas I list them.
Literal Interpretation My view that we should interpret the Bible literally.
Peter is the Rock The role of Peter in the church and whether the Catholic of the papacy is justified.
How Are We Saved? I was discussing with some Southern Baptists whether or not non-Christians can be saved; they were very uncomfortable with this topic. They wanted to believe it was possible but were repeatedly and emphatically taught that only Christians can be saved.
Eternal Life Once created by God, the soul lives forever. The redeemed enjoy a special kind of eternal life.
Soul & Spirit Controversies Two controversies of the soul.
The Gospel The Torture View vs. My View.
One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church Jesus clearly established a church, a unified church, a holy church, the apostolic church. I discuss this using quotations from the Bible.
Links for followers of the Word-Faith movement These links illustrate that the Word-Faith movement is not based on sound principles of interpretation.
Heretical Doctrines I list a few.
Typology In my mind, typology is merely a way to pretend that your interpretation of an Old Testament passage is literal when it is, in fact, allegorical.
Bible Supports Catholicism Many Bible quotes.
My View of Everything With an emphasis on controversial Catholic topics.
Original Sin Based on my system of Philosophy and Creative Frame theory.
Doctrine & Teachings What does the Church teach and how to know which teachings ate infallibly true?
Adam & Eve The first humans lived in a real garden
Interpret the Bible Literally We should interpret the Bible strictly literally.