The Creation-Science War The verdict is in — the universe and the earth are very old. Young-earth creationists got it wrong.
The Women at the Empty Tomb I recently read an article from an Atheist who was very perplexed by the events of Easter morning. He seemed to think it was impossible to reconcile the accounts in the four gospels into a single consistent story. After spending an evening looking into the matter I found that it's not so difficult after all.
The God of the Old Testament You often hear critics of Christianity saying the God of the Old Testament is a different God than the God of the New Testament — that this Old Testament God is mean-spirited and vindictive, but that the New Testament God is merciful and loving.
Biblical Archaeology It is common today that there is skepticism regarding the historicity of the Old Testament. In his book "Pharaohs and Kings," David Rohl demonstrates that the Old Testament historical narratives are supported with archaeological evidence.
Hell Is Hell really eternal torture?
The Ramifications of Information Theory Excerpts from a book by A.E. Wilder Smith titled The Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory.
What is Truth? Musings about truth and the spiritual journey of a truth seeker.
It Must Be True What can we be sure of by observing the world around us?
Relativism The idea that "it's true for me" is common in today's modern world. But some things can be demonstrated to be true whether we choose to believe them or not.
Tolerance Our pluralistic society values diversity and tolerance. Yet there is a surprising and disturbing side effect of this seemingly good and caring policy.
Ethics How do we make decisions which are ethical? This article provides some guidance.
The Problem with God People have many ideas about God, his nature and his attributes. But if he exists, what is he like?
The World Religions Why does every religion have a different idea about God and the purpose of life?
Jo Anne's Cure What is Christian faith?
Letter to an Atheist You are correct in saying that "the existence of an all-powerful creator cannot be disproved" yet the standard atheistic position claims emphatically that there is no God.
God Who is God? And if he exists, why did he create me? What does God want from me? How can I believe in God? And how can I know God?
God Exists Various proofs.
The Light of the World What kind of God do we have? We know that he is beyond this universe that he created, but what is he like? What kind of "person" is God?
A Dialogue About the Nature of Reality Two college students discover the weird world of the human mind as they seek to understand the motives of their professor.
A Short Testimony From scientific atheism to new age to the Christian gospel.
Letter to a Skeptic Agnosticism
The Still, Small Voice For 20 years I believed in reincarnation, and in the idea that there are no moral absolutes, and that everyone achieves the goal of union with the Supreme Consciousness through a process of spiritual evolution spanning over many lifetimes.
The Way From Yoga and New Age to the Christian gospel.