The Problem with God Various views of God.
The Orthodox Church To explain why I believe the Orthodox Church is not the one and only true church as she claims to be.
The World Religions A brief summary of various world religions from a Christian perspective.
Relativism It is intellectually fashionable to declare that there are no absolutes. And many who wish to deny absolute standards of morality also use as their main argument the question, "who decides what the moral standards are?" This article addresses these issues.
Protestant vs. Catholic Comparison To clear up some misconceptions of Protestants and Catholics about each others' views.
Who did the Jews think Jesus was? It is very significant when a rabbi identifies various Old Testament prophecies as the Messiah since Jews who reject Jesus as the Messiah typically insist these prophecies do not refer to the Messiah.
Other Traditions New Age and other religious systems.
How to know what is true In my many years as a Christian I encountered many truth-claims.
My Philosophy I am a committed Christian who is accepting of others' beliefs and faith.
Why I can never be Lutheran I wanted to be but couldn't.