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I support the home church movement, but I'm unwilling to say the home church model is the best, or that it is the only model endorsed by the Bible.
The Virtues Living virtuously pleases Jesus
Elements of a Devotional Life The ingredients to a God-honoring devotional life for Catholics
Catholic Life What it's like to be Catholic.
My devotional music My original songs and guitar instrumental pieces.
The Splendor of Truth Papal Encyclical by Pope John Paul II about the moral law.
My Videos Text of my several videos
My Views My views on various Christian topics.
My View of Everything With an emphasis on controversial Catholic topics.
Meat and Holy Days What the Bible says.
Christians are the temple What the Bible says.
Rosary A practical guide.
Vices — a Biblical Perspective What not to do
Devotional Various musings.
Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius To conquer oneself and regulate one's life without determining oneself through any tendency that is disordered.
Relationship with Jesus What does it mean to have a relationship with a disembodied being?
Eucharist Literally the body and blood of Christ
Saints In pondering our devotional life as Christians, we should consider the Saints.