Was Augustine Protestant? Protestants like to claim Augustine as one of their own — but he was Catholic through and through.
The Waldenses and Albigensians Foxe's Book of Martyrs misrepresents these groups as true Christians.
Marian Doctrines There is a lot of misunderstanding about the Catholic doctrines regarding Mary. I discuss all the particular doctrines and give some support for these doctrines from the Bible and the Early Church Fathers.
Martin Luther's Teachings I highlight the problems and inconsistencies of Martin Luther's teachings using quotes from his own writings. I should note that I consider him to be a great man of God and I enjoy reading his writings (but I do find him to be a bit irascible).
The Catholic Church Embraced Astrology Evidence that some popes and doctors of the church actually believed and practiced astrology.
The Protestant Reformation It should be called the Protestant Revolution. It was not a reform of the Catholic Church at all but the creation of a non-Catholic church system which allows for many denominational variations.