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Sola Scriptura (Bible Only) This Protestant doctrine is unsound and unbiblical. It is the cornerstone of Protestant theology and one of the pillars of the Protestant Reformation, but — as a little reflection reveals, the Bible is not the last word.

The Protestant Reformation was based, in part, on the doctrine of Sola Scriptura (scripture alone). I highlight the many side-effects and contradictions rarely discussed by Protestants.
Is Protestant Teaching Unbiblical? Protestant belief ...
  • has many unbiblical teachings
  • has authority outside of the Bible

I highlight the many New Testament passages which clearly contradict the doctrine, teaching, and faith of the Protestant denominations (and which favor Catholic teaching).
Faith Alone (Sola Fide) Faith only? It's a foundational doctrine of Protestant denominations, but the Bible clearly teaches we are not saved by faith alone.

Martin Luther, the first Protestant "Reformer," invented the doctrine of Sola Fide (faith alone) but there are a few obvious problems with it.
Saved by Works Do works have a role in salvation? The Bible says yes!
Faith vs. Works in Romans Protestants commonly cite verses from Paul's letter to the Romans as "proof" for their doctrines of salvation. Even Martin Luther used this letter to "prove" his doctrine of justification by faith alone (sola fide). But alas, his copy of this letter must have been missing some important verses!

I highlight passages he ignored and that many Protestants still ignore even today.

Martin Luther based the Protestant doctrine of Sola Fide (faith alone) on the book of Romans — but he ignored many passages.
The Church Went Bad? The church went bad and had to be fixed by the Protestant Reformation? Really? When?...

The church could not have gone bad before the essential doctrines of Christianity were developed.
The Waldenses and Albigensians Foxe's Book of Martyrs misrepresents these groups as true Christians.
Was Augustine Protestant? Protestants like to claim Augustine as one of their own — but he was Catholic through and through.
Christ's Church Failed? In order to justify the validity of the Protestant Reformation, Protestants typically hold the view that the church failed soon after Pentecost and that the Protestant Reformers fixed it again. But this simply can't be true.
The Protestant Reformation It should be called the Protestant Revolution. It was not a reform of the Catholic Church at all but the creation of a non-Catholic church system which allows for many denominational variations.
Calvinism Calvinism is not biblical.

I highlight the many biblical passages which contradict the doctrines of Calvinism.
"Bad" Protestants A common argument by Protestant anti-Catholicsis that corrupt and unrighteous actions by Catholics prove that the Catholic Church is not the true church. The problem is that there are plenty of examples of Protestants who do all these same things. This article highlights a few of these to demonstrate that this argument is invalid.
Ignored Verses Anti-Catholics often have selective amnesia — they simply don't address the very biblical verses which strongly support the Catholic view.
How Are We Saved? I was discussing with some Southern Baptists whether or not non-Christians can be saved; they were very uncomfortable with this topic. They wanted to believe it was possible but were repeatedly and emphatically taught that only Christians can be saved.
The Gospel The Torture View vs. My View.
Martin Luther's Teachings I highlight the problems and inconsistencies of Martin Luther's teachings using quotes from his own writings. I should note that I consider him to be a great man of God and I enjoy reading his writings (but I do find him to be a bit irascible).
Biblical Interpretation How are we to interpret scripture? Some guidelines.
Literal vs. Figurative There are clearly many figurative passages in the Bible. But how are we to know which passages are to be interpreted literally and which figuratively?
The Bible The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God — but it is not the only word of God
The God of the Old Testament You often hear critics of Christianity saying the God of the Old Testament is a different God than the God of the New Testament — that this Old Testament God is mean-spirited and vindictive, but that the New Testament God is merciful and loving.
Letter to a Friend To address objections.
Is the Church like Old Testament Israel? Many Protestants claim the New Covenant is different from the Old Covenant in every way. However, the two covenants are similar in many ways, and many Biblical passages state Church is the New Israel.
Objections to Catholicism The standard objections of Anti-Catholics against the Catholic Church.
Anti-Semitism Amillennialism does not result in anti-Semitism.
The Bible The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God; but it is not the only word of God.
Charismatic I examine the implications of the Charismatic view of Christian life.
Development of Doctrine An overview of the book An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, by John Henry Cardinal Newman, written in 1878. (
Anti-Catholic Misrepresentations Misrepresentations of the Catholic Church by critics.
Inerrancy of Bible Discussion of the doctrine of Inerrancy in the context of the debate between Protestants and Catholics.
Doctrinal Development Protestants who believe in Sola Scriptura (scripture only) typically deny that their doctrines have developed; rather, they claim that they get their doctrines from the Bible. And those Protestant anti-Catholicstypically object to the doctrinal development which the Catholic Church readily admits is valid.
Dialogs Some imaginary dialogs which reveal unconscious assumptions.
Mary in the Bible Protestants object to the Catholic doctrines about Mary claiming that they can't be supported from the Bible. I reference the many biblical passages about Mary and her role in God's plan of salvation.
Marian Doctrines This article discusses the various doctrines of the Catholic Church regarding Mary the mother of Jesus.
Marian Doctrines There is a lot of misunderstanding about the Catholic doctrines regarding Mary. I discuss all the particular doctrines and give some support for these doctrines from the Bible and the Early Church Fathers.
Marian Doctrines from the Early Church Fathers The Catholic view is biblical
Rosary A practical guide. It is wrong for Protestants to reject out-of-hand centuries-old Catholic devotionals.
Is Premillennialism Literal? Premillennialists are not consistently literal as they claim to be.
The "Word-Faith" Teaching This teaching is unbiblical.
Jericho Is Genocide Moral?

What really happened when the Israelites massacred everyone in Jericho? Can God command us to commit mortal sin? In defending the truthfulness of the Bible, Christians often justify the genocide of Jericho.
Links for Jehovah's Witnesses These links illustrate that the Watchtower Society proclaims a false gospel — one that is powerless to save.
Links for Mormons These links illustrate that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints proclaims a false gospel message — one that cannot save.
Links for followers of the Word-Faith movement These links illustrate that the Word-Faith movement is not based on sound principles of interpretation.
Heretical Doctrines I list a few.
Typology In my mind, typology is merely a way to pretend that your interpretation of an Old Testament passage is literal when it is, in fact, allegorical.
Why I can never be Lutheran I wanted to be but couldn't.
Bible Supports Catholicism Many Bible quotes.
Authority Who or what is to be our spiritual authority in matters of the faith?
Baptism What the Bible and Early Church Fathers have to say.
Purgatory How does it work and why is it needed?
Sola Scriptura (Bible Only) Clearly, with only a moments reflection: Sola Scriptura requires a few prerequisites from outside the Bible.
Bishops The Role of Bishops in the Church
Tradition The topic of tradition is much misunderstood.
Words vs. Reality Are we to believe in words or in the truths behind the words, the reality behind the words? It's a subtle distinction I admit; perhaps just a small point.
Purview & Scope The guidelines I use for including or excluding articles on this website; and for their content; and of my comments.
Charismatic (1 Corinthians 14) The speaking in tongues as practiced by charismatics is not a language any more than a baby crying is a language. There is no vocabulary, no grammar, no syntax, no communication of ideas.
God curses the serpent Eve and Mary — enemies of Satan