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Moral Theology & Ethics Main portal to articles about this topic
The Virtues To live a Holy Spirit-enlivened life of virtue. Anyone who wishes to please God should desire to excel in the virtues.
Vices — a Biblical Perspective What the Bible has to say about various vices. We are to avoid these.
Ethics Ethics deals with making decisions that are "good" or "right."
Relativism It is intellectually fashionable to declare that there are no absolutes. And many who wish to deny absolute standards of morality also use as their main argument the question, "who decides what the moral standards are?" This article addresses these issues.
Moral Teaching Right and Wrong
Tolerance Liberal tolerance is very intolerant.

The issue of tolerance concerns having a society that allows for a variety of different viewpoints regarding morality and ethics. It is necessary in a society such as ours in the United States which values diversity in our culture. Tolerance sounds like the way to go. But when we consider the issue carefully we discover that there are two unintended side effects of the policy of tolerance.

How can those with "higher" moral standards and values survive living in a tolerant, pluralistic society?
Jericho Is Genocide Moral?

What really happened when the Israelites massacred everyone in Jericho? Can God command us to commit mortal sin? In defending the truthfulness of the Bible, Christians often justify the genocide of Jericho.
Circumcision Against Circumcision

God would certainly never command such a barbaric procedure.
The God of the Old Testament Is the God of the Old Testament really any different than the God of today?

You often hear critics of Christianity saying the God of the Old Testament is a different God than the God of the New Testament — that this Old Testament God is mean-spirited and vindictive, but that the New Testament God is merciful and loving. I explore various topics using Old Testament biblical passages.
Liberal Utopia My musings on what drives the Liberal Utopian vision.
The Splendor of Truth This article is an overview of a few points from the lengthy Papal Encyclical Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth) written by Pope John Paul II in 1993.
A Dialogue About the Nature of Reality The Christian worldview.
Overview of My Ideas I list them.
How Are We Saved? I was discussing with some Southern Baptists whether or not non-Christians can be saved; they were very uncomfortable with this topic. They wanted to believe it was possible but were repeatedly and emphatically taught that only Christians can be saved.
Moral Law in a Perfect World Instead of wondering what kind of moral rule we should impose on all the wicked, depraved, ungodly people of today's world why not consider a world in which everyone is holy and saintly?
Song of Songs A true story.
Gay Marriage What the Bible has to say
Homosexuality What the Bible has to say
Abortion Should it be legal? Is it immoral?
My Videos Text of my several videos
Bible Supports Catholicism Many Bible quotes.
My View of Everything With an emphasis on controversial Catholic topics.
Should we shun those with rage addictions? The Bible says yes.
Culture Bombs When will we stop throwing culture bombs in our society and just leave each other alone?
Astrology and Horoscopes Astrology is popular in our modern society. Newspapers print your daily horoscope, and people ask what sign you are. But what does the Christian faith and the Bible teach about astrology?
A World Without Contraception What would the world be like if everybody followed the Catholic teaching against the use of contraception? Would there be overpopulation with famine, plague, and war?
Modern Morality for All Ages The modern moral law should be applied to Old Testament times and to Christendom. We should not excuse immoral behavior just because it happened in a previous age.