God Who is God? And if he exists, why did he create me? What does God want from me? How can I believe in God? And how can I know God?
It Must Be True Various evidence for God's existence and his nature.
The Problem with God Various views of God.
Letter to an Atheist You are correct in saying that "the existence of an all-powerful creator cannot be disproved" yet the standard atheistic position claims emphatically that there is no God.
God Exists Various proofs.
The Light of the World What kind of God do we have? We know that he is beyond this universe that he created, but what is he like? What kind of "person" is God?
Letter to a Skeptic Agnosticism
The Still, Small Voice For 20 years I believed in reincarnation, and in the idea that there are no moral absolutes, and that everyone achieves the goal of union with the Supreme Consciousness through a process of spiritual evolution spanning over many lifetimes.