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Eschatology (End Times Prophecy) Main portal to articles about this topic
Teaching Without Distraction We should not let our Eschatological views interfere with our teaching of the Bible.
Revelation - Verse by Verse Highlighting an amillennial interpretation of the book of Revelation.
Revelation Commentary
End Time Verses All verses about eschatology with my comments. I use this article as a reference when composing other end time articles.
End Times Glossary Main topics in my system of Eschatology.
Does Bible Teach Amillennialism? To demonstrate that the Bible explicitly teaches the amillennial viewpoint.
Description of Amillennialism The key points of amillennialism with particular emphasis on the contrast with premillennialism.
Problems with Amillennialism Summary.
Today we commonly hear from some fundamentalist Christians about a yet-future world ruler called the Antichrist and referred to by the number 666 who will persecute Jews and Christians and start World War III. But is this really supported from the Bible?
Anti-Semitism Amillennialism does not result in anti-Semitism.
Chronicle of the quest  
Chronology of end-time events The key to understanding any end-time scenario is the chronological sequence of events. This article lists the major events.
The End of Civilization My musings.
The Future of America My Predictions.
Daniel Analysis of the book of Daniel from an amillennial perspective.
Chiliasm of Early Church Fathers The end-time views of the Early Church Fathers. Their writings and views are so often misrepresented that I wanted to give a detailed account of their particular views.
Nature of Millennium The idea the premillennial early church fathers had was very different from modern premillennialists.
Overview of Early Church Fathers To show at a glance what the early church fathers believed regarding the end-times.
Who Believed What To show which early church fathers believed in which end-time viewpoint.
Amillennialism To give an overview of the amillennial end-time viewpoint.
Ezekiel's Temple To discuss Ezekiel chapters 40–48 and Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.
Problems with Full Preterism Full Preterism is, in my opinion, just plain wrong. This article explains why.
God's Wrath The purpose of this article is the demonstrate the usage of the term "wrath" in the Bible and to show that it supports amillennialism.
Great Tribulation To discuss the Great Tribulation, the final trial of the church before the second coming, and the persecution and apostasy of the church as it relates to the amillennial viewpoint.
Imminency To analyze the various passages which indicate that Christ will come soon.
Principles of Interpretation  
The Most Obvious Interpretation In order to develop a correct understanding of end-time prophecy we must base our system of interpretation on key passages which are easy to understand. These key passages must have an obvious meaning. Then we should fit the more difficult passages into this framework.
Promises to Israel Analysis of the Old Testament passages concerning God's promises to Israel.
Jesus Is Coming Soon There are many passages in the New Testament which seem to state that the second coming of Christ would occur soon. Preterists make much of these passages in developing their view. In addition, many of the writers of the very early church seemed to also believe that it would occur soon. What are we to think of all this?
Christ Comes At Death I suggest that Jesus comes soon and quickly to each person at their death
Jewish Millennial Concepts The basis of chiliasm (premillennialism) as understood by the early church fathers is based on a Jewish model of human history which is not supported by the Bible.
Is Premillennialism Literal? Premillennialists are not consistently literal as they claim to be.
Literal vs. Allegorical  
Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) To analyze the Olivet Discourse in terms of end-time prophecy and demonstrate that it is harmonious with amillennialism.
Problems with the Mid-tribulation Rapture The mid-tribulation rapture of the church is not as popular as some of the other rapture viewpoints. Even so it does have support from many theologians but it does have problems.
1,000 Year Millennium is Symbolic To show that it is perfectly reasonable to interpret the 1,000 years of Revelation chapter 20 as symbolic.
New Heavens & New Earth The new heavens and new earth is the final destination and goal of all the redeemed.
New Testament Interprets Old There are many passages in the New Testament in which the writers re-interpret the Old Testament.
Overview of Olivet Discourse To harmonize the Olivet Discourse from the gospel accounts.
Phases of the Second Coming It is often assumed that the second coming of Christ will be a single quick event. However, there are many passages which indicate that the second coming is a series of events spanning a period of time, perhaps years.
Problems with Postmillennialism This viewpoint has problems.
Problems with the Post-tribulation Rapture The post-tribulation rapture of the church is a popular rapture viewpoint but it has problems.
Problems with Premillennialism The premillennial end-time viewpoint is favored among many evangelical theologians, but it has problems. This article summarizes some of these problems.
Preterism Preterism is the teaching that all passages about the second coming of Christ (the parousia) occurred in 70 A.D. during the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. In this way the 70-plus passages about Jesus coming "soon" and "quickly" in "this generation" are literally fulfilled.
Problems with the Pre-tribulation Rapture The pre-tribulation rapture of the church is the most popular rapture viewpoint but it has problems.
Problems with the Popular Scenarios Overview.
Problems with the Rapture The rapture of the church is a doctrine that is an integral part of premillennialism. There are several varieties of the rapture but they all have problems.
Revelation - Glossary of Symbols The book of Revelation contains many symbols and images and it is necessary to properly understand these in order to understand the book. This glossary contains what I consider to be the key symbols.
Revelation - Key Topics This article introduces key topics that are critical to understanding the book of Revelation.
Salvation History The Bible, Old and New Testaments, is all about God, salvation, and salvation history. These charts contain the key events in salvation history.
End Times Lately I've been studying topics related to the trendy global warming crisis: peak-oil, energy reserves, green energy, sustainable living. I've been thinking for some time that the earth can't support more than a half billion people or so without oil and that there will be a global cataclysm in the next fifty years — I've been calling this the "Oil Wars."
The Forged Letter (2 Thessalonians 2) The Forged Letter (2 Thessalonians 2). To highlight Catholic end-time teaching as it relates to this passage.
God Creates and Sustains the Universe My insight into the nature of the universe, time, and the natural laws.
Overview of My Ideas I list them.
The New Heavens and the New Earth My view.
Main Themes of Eschatology The various biblical quotations about end time topics each have their own emphasis and purpose; I highlight a few of the most important.
Temple of God I analyze the passages and present my conclusions.
The woman clothed with the sun From Revelation 12. Clearly refers to Mary.
Beasts, Heads & Horns From Daniel and Revelation.
Number of Days in a Year 360 days in a year? I don't think so.