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The Ramifications of Information Theory Excerpts from a book by A.E. Wilder Smith titled The Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory.
Science and the Bible Various topics: The origin of life, evolution, souls, Adam and Eve, the Genesis Flood, the Firmament.
The Creation-Science War  *Creationism*    Creationism | Old Earth Creationism    The Christian doctrine of a young-earth (often called "Creationism") was introduced in response to the enormous popularity of Darwin's theory of evolution. Since evolution requires long time periods for life to get started, Christians thought to combat the idea of life originating by natural processes (without creation by God) by demonstrating that the earth is very young.

Since then reliable scientific evidence has accumulated indicating that the earth is indeed very old. But young-earth creationists have been unwilling to honestly consider this evidence. Instead they have undermined the scientific method by introducing the "appearance of age" theory in which they claim that even though the universe looks old, it is actually young; but God created it to look old.

This approach to the established facts of science has alienated the scientific community and caused our science and technology-based culture to look upon Christianity with scorn, rejecting it out of hand. However, there is a growing number of scientists who are Christians who believe that Biblical truth is harmonious with scientific truth.

Introduction to the Creation-Science War
The Days of Creation    The 24-Hour Day   Proponents of the young earth creation model insist that the word day in the first chapter of Genesis when interpreted literally refers to a time period of 24 hours.

I will show that this understanding of the usage of the word day is not based on a literal interpretation at all, but is rather based on a figurative interpretation of the passage.
Astronomy of the Bible This article is composed of quotes and my commentary from the book Astronomy of the Bible: An Elementary Commentary on the Astronomical References in the Holy Scripture, by Edward Walter Maunder, 1908.
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God Creates and Sustains the Universe My insight into the nature of the universe, time, and the natural laws.
Overview of My Ideas I list them
Adam & Eve The first humans lived in a real garden
Creative Frames Creation Out of Nothing. My novel view about how God sustains the world, and the relationship between soul and matter.
The Age of Genesis The creation of the universe and its creatures; the first humans of the agricultural revolution (Adam & Eve); Noah's flood.