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Galileo What really happened? Who was wrong in the Galileo incident?
Doctrinal Development I discuss the topic of doctrinal development from a Protestant perspective (but I highlight issues that are typically ignored by Protestants).
History of Dogma, by Adolph Harnack The first couple hundred years of Christianity.
Martin Luther's Teachings I highlight the problems and inconsistencies of Martin Luther's teachings using quotes from his own writings. I should note that I consider him to be a great man of God and I enjoy reading his writings (but I do find him to be a bit irascible).
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Three Popes What happened when there were three popes at once.
The Orthodox Church To explain why I believe the Orthodox Church is not the one and only true church as she claims to be.
Anti-Catholic Misrepresentations Misrepresentations of the Catholic Church.
Christ's Church Failed? In order to justify the validity of the Protestant Reformation, Protestants typically hold the view that the church failed soon after Pentecost and that the Protestant Reformers fixed it again. But this simply can't be true.
Historical Defense of Catholicism I use quotes from three secular history books to demonstrate that the claims of the Catholic Church are true.
Church History I provide a sociological and historical perspective of the development of the church to demonstrate why she became the way she was at various stages of her history.
Justification I compare and contrast the Protestant and Catholic views of the topic of justification. All too often neither side understands the views of the other.
The Church Went Bad? The church could not have gone bad before the essential doctrines of Christianity were developed.
Catholic Abuses The Church has "officially" done some bad things
The Catholic Church Embraced Astrology Evidence that some popes and doctors of the church actually believed and practiced astrology.
The church has changed her views Examples from church documents.
Catholic Problems I present a few problems with the Catholic Church using church documents as evidence.
Unholy Leaders True Church leaders must be holy
Who did the Jews think Jesus was? It is very significant when a rabbi identifies various Old Testament prophecies as the Messiah since Jews who reject Jesus as the Messiah typically insist these prophecies do not refer to the Messiah.
Teaching Authority The fundamental question we must answer is "who do we trust?"
The Early Church We should learn about the faith-life and practice of the early church.
Apostolic Succession is Broken According to Catholic teaching, only bishops can ordain new bishops — this is how the apostolic succession is passed-on from generation to generation. If there are examples of invalid bishops ordaining other bishops, these new bishops are not valid bishops either and the chain of apostolic succession is broken.
How to know what is true In my many years as a Christian I encountered many truth-claims.
The True Church Which church is the true church?
Doctrines Various doctrines such as apostolic succession. The doctrine of apostolic succession is a cornerstone of Catholic teaching. If it's flawed the whole structure collapses.
Freedom from Religion What is the proper role in society of the church?
The Church Went Bad The Church went bad. It went bad many times throughout history and is still bad if it can't sensibly present a united front of hope and holiness to this lost and dying world.
Anti-Semitism Amillennialism does not result in anti-Semitism.
Church Study What is the Church? It's everything relating to Jesus and salvation, but excluding error and sin.
Changes in the Church There have been many changes in the Church and in doctrine over the centuries
The Priesthood What the Bible and church history have to say about the topic
Saints In pondering our devotional life as Christians, we should consider the Saints.
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Jan Hus Man of God is Heretic?