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The Council of Trent I highlight the Catholic views on the topics of Original Sin, Justification, Purgatory, Indulgences, and others. Many Catholics and non-Catholics alike do not understand what the Catholic Church really teaches about these topics.
Vatican II Excerpts from the documents of Vatican II which I wanted to document.
The 7 ecumenical councils Summary of them.
The councils of the early church including the Nicene creed. These are the most significant councils because they were influenced by apostolic teaching in defining the Christian faith.
The Orthodox Church To explain why I believe the Orthodox Church is not the one and only true church as she claims to be.
Catholic Abuses The Church has "officially" done some bad things
The church has changed her views Examples from church documents.
Catholic Problems To present a few problems with the Catholic Church using church documents as evidence.
False Catholic Teachings? These Simply Can't Be True
The Council of Jerusalem The First Ecumenical Council from the book of Acts