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I support the home church movement, but I'm unwilling to say the home church model is the best, or that it is the only model endorsed by the Bible.
One Apostolic Church Main portal to articles about this topic. My model for a new kind of church:
  • not Protestant (because it isn't based on Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide)
  • not Catholic (because it rejects apostolic succession, the priesthood, and the hierarchy of bishops)
Christian authority is apostolic truth from the Bible, Early Church Fathers, and early Church Councils.
The Church What it is; who leads it
Church Reform In every age the Catholic Church is in need of reform. But what kind of reform is needed?
The Orthodox Church To explain why I believe the Orthodox Church is not the one and only true church as she claims to be.
Home Bible Community A denomination based on radical changes to the traditional church model as well as important differences with the House Church model.
The Church Refreshed My perspective on the Church and Christianity.
Teaching Authority The fundamental question we must answer is "who do we trust?"
The Early Church We should learn about the faith-life and practice of the early church.
Overview of My Ideas I list them.
Peter is the Rock The role of Peter in the church and whether the Catholic of the papacy is justified.
How to know what is true In my many years as a Christian I encountered many truth-claims.
How to Select a Church My criteria.
Essential Doctrines A teaching must satisfy certain conditions to be an essential, core Christian truth
What Is Next? I can no longer in good conscience claim that the Catholic Church is what she claims to be.
What I Believe Still a Spirit-filled, born-again, conservative Christian.
One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church Jesus clearly established a church, a unified church, a holy church, the apostolic church. I discuss this using quotations from the Bible.
Christian Unity What binds Christians together and makes us all brothers and sisters? Christians are in unity with one another because they are united with Christ, the head of the church.
The True Church Which church is the true church?
Church Governance There is no single world-wide church of Christ, no global Christian institution to which all Christians belong. Church governance is varied and fragmented. In short, church governance is local, not global.
Why I can never be Lutheran I wanted to be but couldn't.
Freedom from Religion What is the proper role in society of the church?
The Church Went Bad The Church went bad. It went bad many times throughout history and is still bad if it can't sensibly present a united front of hope and holiness to this lost and dying world.
Bible Supports Catholicism Many Bible quotes.
Authority Who or what is to be our spiritual authority in matters of the faith?
My View of Everything With an emphasis on controversial Catholic topics.
Church Study What is the Church? It's everything relating to Jesus and salvation, but excluding error and sin.
Bishops The Role of Bishops in the Church
Changes in the Church There have been many changes in the Church and in doctrine over the centuries
False Teaching Which are true; which are false?
Improvements Needed What is needed to fix the Church
Purview & Scope The guidelines I use for including or excluding articles on this website; and for their content; and of my comments.
Church Unity The various aspects of church unity, of unity among Christians.
The Body of Christ All Christians agree we are the body of Christ. They do not agree on what this phrase means.
The Church — Good & Bad With so many varieties of Christian churches to choose from we should strive to find one that matches the early church.