*The Virtues*  *Splendor of Truth*

The Virtues To live a Holy Spirit-enlivened life of virtue. Anyone who wishes to please God should desire to excel in the virtues.
Vices — a Biblical Perspective What the Bible has to say about various vices. We are to avoid these.
Ethics Ethics deals with making decisions that are "good" or "right."
Christian Unity What binds Christians together and makes us all brothers and sisters? Christians are in unity with one another because they are united with Christ, the head of the church.
Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius To conquer oneself and regulate one's life without determining oneself through any tendency that is disordered.
Catholic Life What's it's like being Catholic. A practical guide for those who are unfamiliar with it.
Elements of a Devotional Life The ingredients.
Charismatic The implications of the Charismatic view of Christian life.
How to Select a Church My criteria.
My Conversion to Catholicism To explain why I became a Catholic. I wrote this testimony for my Protestant friends so they would understand my conversion.
Statement Of Faith What I believe regarding the Christian faith.
The House Church    The House Church | Discussion Meetings | House Church Movement

I support the home church movement, but I'm unwilling to say the home church model is the best, or that it is the only model endorsed by the Bible.
Rosary A practical guide.
Teaching Without Distraction We should not let our Eschatological views interfere with our teaching of the Bible.
The Splendor of Truth This article is an overview of a few points from the lengthy Papal Encyclical Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth) written by Pope John Paul II in 1993.
Christian Philosophy Various Christian topics.
What I Believe Still a Spirit-filled, born-again, conservative Christian.
A Call to Action What can be done to prevent religious wars?
Song of Songs A true story.
Moral Law in a Perfect World Instead of wondering what kind of moral rule we should impose on all the wicked, depraved, ungodly people of today's world why not consider a world in which everyone is holy and saintly?
Christians are the temple What the Bible says.
Devotional Various musings.
Relationship with Jesus What does it mean to have a relationship with a disembodied being?
Eucharist Literally the body and blood of Christ