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Three Popes What happened when there were three popes at once.
Galileo Galilei To assess the case of Galileo vs. the Catholic Church to determine who was right and who was wrong.
Church Reform In every age the Catholic Church is in need of reform. But what kind of reform is needed?
Catholic Life What's it's like being Catholic. A practical guide for those who are unfamiliar with it.
Elements of a Devotional Life The ingredients.
Church History I provide a sociological and historical perspective of the development of the church to demonstrate why she became the way she was at various stages of her history.
A World Without Contraception What would the world be like if everybody followed the Catholic teaching against the use of contraception? Would there be overpopulation with famine, plague, and war?
Errors of Catholicism Critics of the Catholic Church claim that her teachings are untrue because she has made errors.
Catholic Abuses The Church has "officially" done some bad things
The Catholic Church Embraced Astrology Evidence that some popes and doctors of the church actually believed and practiced astrology.
The church has changed her views Examples from church documents.
Catholic Problems I present a few problems with the Catholic Church using church documents as evidence.
Unholy Leaders True Church leaders must be holy
False Catholic Teachings? These Simply Can't Be True
Apostolic Succession is Broken According to Catholic teaching, only bishops can ordain new bishops — this is how the apostolic succession is passed-on from generation to generation. If there are examples of invalid bishops ordaining other bishops, these new bishops are not valid bishops either and the chain of apostolic succession is broken.
How to know what is true In my many years as a Christian I encountered many truth-claims.
I Believe This article addresses the topic of whether doctrines can be determined from scripture and the writings of the Early Church Fathers without the need to refer to an infallible teaching authority.
Doctrines of Church Fathers An examination of what the Early Church Fathers wrote about various topics.
Scientific Philosophy Philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle.
Christian Philosophy Various Christian topics.
What I Believe Still a Spirit-filled, born-again, conservative Christian.
Lamentations What I believe about the claims of the Catholic Church after having been Catholic for seven years.
One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church Jesus clearly established a church, a unified church, a holy church, the apostolic church. I discuss this using quotations from the Bible.
Doctrines Various doctrines such as apostolic succession. The doctrine of apostolic succession is a cornerstone of Catholic teaching. If it's flawed the whole structure collapses.
Freedom from Religion What is the proper role in society of the church?
The Church Went Bad The Church went bad. It went bad many times throughout history and is still bad if it can't sensibly present a united front of hope and holiness to this lost and dying world.
Teaching Magisterium The Catholic Church claims for itself the ordinary magisterium, (teaching authority) meaning they can teach fallible teachings which Catholics are to believe and obey as if they were infallible.
Which Teachings were Passed-down? What is the dynamic of the handing-on of infallible doctrinal truth from the days of the apostles to modern times?
Sacraments The sacraments are rites in which Jesus imparts blessing to those who participate with faith.
Tradition The topic of tradition is much misunderstood.
Has the Church always taught this? The Catholic Church claims it has "always taught" certain things *Link* *Link* but this is obviously untrue; it simply has not always taught them.
Errors of Logic This article highlights certain doctrines, teachings, and methodologies that are based on flawed logic.
Jan Hus Man of God is Heretic?
Bad Stuff that Happened I list examples of bad behavior, erroneous statements, or bad attitudes by Catholic leaders throughout history (and today)
Imperfectly United How is it possible to be only imperfectly united with the source of salvation (the Catholic Church) yet still go to heaven?
Church, Authority, Institution From the Catechism