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Defending Catholicism Main portal to articles about this topic
My current view Catholic again after six years of questioning — but it didn't last long...
How to Interpret the Catechism Using the Catechism as a devotional tool.
Proving Catholic Claims The long road to Catholic truth. There is no other alternative.
Bible Supports Catholicism Many Bible quotes.
Early Church Fathers Support Catholicism Many quotes from their writings.
Galileo What really happened? Who was wrong in the Galileo incident?
Three Popes I explain what happened in the 1300's when there were supposedly three popes. Of course, there was really only one true pope and two false popes — but how to know which was which?
Was Augustine Protestant? Protestants like to claim Augustine as one of their own — but he was Catholic through and through.
"Bad" Protestants A common argument by Protestant anti-Catholicsis that corrupt and unrighteous actions by Catholics prove the Catholic Church is not the true church. The problem is that there are plenty of examples of Protestants who do all these same things. This article highlights a few of these to demonstrate that this argument is invalid.
Biblical Catholic The Bible has many passages that perfectly match the teachings of Catholic Church.
The Waldenses and Albigensians Foxe's Book of Martyrs misrepresents these groups as true Christians.
Ignored Verses Anti-Catholics often have selective amnesia — They simply don't address the very biblical verses which strongly support the Catholic view.
Mary in the Bible Protestants object to the Catholic doctrines concerning Mary, claiming these doctrines can not be supported from the Bible, but they can be.
Letter to a Friend To address objections.
The Orthodox Church Why I believe the Orthodox Church is not the one and only true church as she claims to be.
Is the Church like Old Testament Israel? Many Protestants claim the New Covenant is different from the Old Covenant in every way. However, the two covenants are similar in many ways, and many Biblical passages state Church is the New Israel.
Christ's Church Failed? In order to justify the validity of the Protestant Reformation, Protestants typically hold the view that the church failed soon after Pentecost and that the Protestant Reformers fixed it again. But this simply can't be true.
Objections to Catholicism The standard objections of Anti-Catholics against the Catholic Church.
The Church Fathers In reading the writings of the Church Fathers it is clear that the Catholic Church of today is the same church which Jesus Christ founded through the apostles.
Is Protestant Teaching Unbiblical? I highlight the many New Testament passages which clearly refute Protestant teaching and which favor Catholic teaching.

Protestant belief — (1) It has many unbiblical teachings, and (2) it has an authority outside of the Bible.
The Bible is a Catholic Book All Catholic doctrines and practices can be (1) derived from the Bible, and (2) supported from the Bible.
Binding and Loosing What Jesus promised to Peter, the apostles, and us.
Keys, binding, loosing, forgiving sins Key Catholic verses and my comments
Development of Doctrine An overview of the book An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, by John Henry Cardinal Newman, written in 1878.
Anti-Catholic Misrepresentations Misrepresentations of the Catholic Church.
Doctrinal Development Protestants who believe in Sola Scriptura (scripture only) typically deny that their doctrines have developed. Rather, they claim they get their doctrines from the Bible. I highlight issues typically ignored by Protestants.
Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) This article demonstrates that the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura (scripture only) is unsound and unbiblical. Sola Scriptura is the foundation of Protestant teaching. But upon careful reflection it is easy to see that there are inconsistencies and contradictions.
What the Catholic Church Really Teaches To clarify the teachings of the Catholic Church. There is a great deal of misinformation among Protestant anti-Catholics.
Dialogs People tend to see things through the lens of their own perspective and sometimes have difficulty seeing things from other perspectives. This is common when Protestants, who have been indoctrinated into an anti-Catholic perspective, are unable to understand the Catholic view of things. To assist Protestants with seeing the Catholic perspective by presenting unexpected dialogs.
Faith Alone (Sola Fide) Faith only? It's a foundational doctrine of Protestant denominations, but the Bible clearly teaches we are not saved by faith alone.

Martin Luther, the first Protestant "Reformer," invented the doctrine of Sola Fide (faith alone) but there are a few obvious problems with it.
Saved by Works Do works have a role in salvation? The Bible says yes!
Faith vs. Works in Romans Martin Luther based the Protestant doctrine of Sola Fide (faith alone) on the book of Romans — but he ignored many passages.
Inerrancy of Bible This article discusses the doctrine of Inerrancy in the context of the debate between Protestants and Catholics.
Martin Luther's Teachings This article shows the problems and inconsistencies of Martin Luther's teachings using quotes from his own writings.
Marian Doctrines This article discusses the various doctrines of the Catholic Church regarding Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Marian Doctrines There is a lot of misunderstanding about the Catholic doctrines regarding Mary. I discuss all the particular doctrines and give some support for these doctrines from the Bible and the Early Church Fathers.
Historical Defense of Catholicism I use quotes from three secular history books to demonstrate that the claims of the Catholic Church are true.
Early Church Fathers Main portal to articles about this topic
The Church Went Bad? The church could not have gone bad before the essential doctrines of Christianity were developed.
Marian Doctrines from the Early Church Fathers The Catholic view is biblical
The New Testament is Catholic This long article contains the many references in the New Testament books between Acts and Jude which contradict Protestant doctrine and practice, but which support Catholic teaching.
The Problem with Words I discuss words and phrases that various Christians groups use differently.
The Eucharist is a very early doctrine This article demonstrates that the Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist was believed and practiced by the very early church.
Moral Teaching Right and Wrong
Peter is the Rock The role of Peter in the church and whether the Catholic of the papacy is justified.
Christian Philosophy Various Christian topics.
My Views My views on various Christian topics.
My View of Everything With an emphasis on controversial Catholic topics.
Baptism What the Bible and Early Church Fathers have to say.
Meat and Holy Days What the Bible says.
Calvinism Many Protestant denominations are founded on Calvinism. I highlight Biblical passages which clearly contradict one or more of these five points of Calvinism.
Purgatory How does it work and why is it needed?
Eucharist Literally the body and blood of Christ
The Priesthood What the Bible and church history have to say about the topic
Saints In pondering our devotional life as Christians, we should consider the Saints.
The woman clothed with the sun From Revelation 12. Clearly refers to Mary.
God curses the serpent Eve and Mary — enemies of Satan