*How to Interpret the Catechism*  *Bible Supports Catechism*

How to Interpret the Catechism Using the Catechism as a devotional tool.
What Catholics Believe Most Protestants have many misconceptions about what the Catholic Church teaches, practices, and believes; here is a detailed summary.
Binding and Loosing What Jesus promised to Peter, the apostles, and us.
Keys, binding, loosing, forgiving sins Key Catholic verses and my comments
Jericho Is Genocide Moral?

What really happened when the Israelites massacred everyone in Jericho? Can God command us to commit mortal sin? In defending the truthfulness of the Bible, Christians often justify the genocide of Jericho.
False Catholic Teachings? These Simply Can't Be True
Imperfectly United How is it possible to be only imperfectly united with the source of salvation (the Catholic Church) yet still go to heaven?
Church, Authority, Institution From the Catechism